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VouchedFor rating and reviews for Ramesh Thakrar, IFA LONDON




Retirement Funding

Pension Freedom

I needed financial and pension advice in a hurry and a friend suggested VouchedFor. Ramesh stood out from the others and he called me back soon after I placed an enquiry with him. He sensed my urgency and out of the three advisors I approached was the only person to take the time to come to my house for a face to face meeting. The briefing on his background, qualifications, experience and the services he could provide was very clear and I sensed he had a real understanding of my situation and what he could do to find a solution. The process Ramesh took me through was very thorough indeed. He explained every detail and was always available for advice and to answer anything I didn't understand. Apart from being a really nice guy, Ramesh genuinely cares about people and provides a great service. His knowledge of the financial arena is amazing and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Kate, London, Executive Director

Investment Advice


Having found Ramesh on VouchedFor, I was quickly put in contact with him, and was able to arrange an initial meeting at no cost to myself (to discuss my options). My main area of interest was investments i.e. ISAs (Individual Saving Account), VCTs (Venture Capital Trust), MIPs (Maximum Investment Plans), EISs (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and Unit Trust. I found Ramesh highly knowledgeable in every aspect I could have wanted. He was able to better explain certain investment options in simpler terms for myself, as I didn't have any experience prior to meeting him. After the initial meeting I felt very confident in the options that I had, and what I wanted to progress with - I have now setup three different investment plans with Ramesh and plan to do more in the future.

Mark, London

Estate Preservation

Equity Release

In a very difficult financial situation, we discovered Ramesh on VouchedFor website. Ramesh came to our home twice, stayed as long as it took to explain and explore ways to manage an increasingly worrying debt. His patient manner and personality was enhanced by his vast financial knowledge and resulted in finding the best solution. This has resulted in our peace of mind and security of our home. We are extremely grateful to Ramesh and absolutely recommend his services. We cannot think of any way Ramesh could have improved on his service – he was on call at weekends and always with humour and confidence!

William, London

Personal Protection

Life Cover and Critical Illness Cover

Ramesh has been our financial adviser for over 15 years now. Thanks to a protection policy (term assurance) that he recommended, we received a lump sum, tax-free payment, when my wife suffered from cancer; whilst pregnant. Thanks to the payout, I was able to take time off work to care for my family, and ensure immediate private care for both of them; after the birth of our child. The payment also helped us start a property portfolio, over the last decade. Again, Ramesh has ensured that we get the best mortgage deal in the market place. Ramesh has continued to service and meet all our financial requirements; and for those that we have referred him onto. Ramesh continues to provide a first class service to date. Having seen Ramesh become a Chartered Financial Planner, this has only given me further reassurance in his advice, recommendation and knowledge. I would strongly recommended Ramesh to any member of my friends or family.

Henry, London, Executive Director

Holistic Planning

For more years than I can remember Mr Thakrar has been my financial adviser and provided a highly personalized and complete service. I have the utmost confidence in his advice based on years of positive outcomes. I have always found him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable with all of my financial requirements. He is extremely efficient, with a sound knowledge of the market and options available. He has given informed, impartial and considered advice on all aspects of my financial management and planning. Based on the exceptional services he has given me over the years, I have no hesitation recommending his services; and ensuring that he supports the next generation of my family.

Funsho, Hertfordshire, Service Director

Property Finance

Buy-to-Let – HMO (Re-mortgage)

Ramesh was referred to me by one of my cousin (who has been an existing client of Ramesh for over 5 years) as I was looking for financial advice regarding my children's inheritance. He first helped me understand how my finances were structured and how to improve them. He developed strategies to begin distributing my wealth among my children as well as helping me apply for two remortgages. Both applications took a lot of time to put together all the documents and Ramesh showed incredible patience whilst I got to grips with many new concepts. Both mortgages are very close to completion and now I also feel a lot more comfortable in the knowledge that both my children will be financially secure if something were to happen to me.

Mayur, London


Residential Mortgage - First Time Buyer

Ramesh helped me get a mortgage when I had a late payment on my credit file. I needed a higher loan to value mortgage and therefore most lenders rejected me on the basis of the late payment. Ramesh helped me resolve issues on my credit file, (where possible) and found a mortgage that allowed me to buy the flat. In the current housing market in London, the prices were going up and up and I knew that if I couldn't secure a mortgage within a certain timeframe, I would lose the flat - luckily Ramesh found a mortgage that I wouldn't have been able to get on the high street through his contacts. I would definitely recommend Ramesh.

Rebecca, London


Residential Mortgage - Help-to-Buy

Needed to enter the property ladder quickly via Help to buy scheme with the best possible rate. Organised pretty much everything from start to end, advised and researched the best available rate and gave us excellent service. Enjoying our new home! If only we met earlier we would have been on the property ladder for awhile now.

Petr Zugar, Essex


Residential Mortgage - Right-to-Buy

I am in the process of applying for my first mortgage. Luckily I came across Ramesh through work and he has been helping me with the application. He is excellent at what he does and provides the best solutions for your personal needs. He will treat you as a friend and will keep you updated with anything he feels necessary. He ensures to cover everything with you in as much detail as possible so you are fully aware of all the options available. I would definitely recommend Ramesh to anyone seeking financial advice of ANY kind without any hesitation what so ever!

Ebrahim, London, Key Accounts Coordinator


Residential Mortgage – Purchase (upgrade property)

I am a China born English qualified solicitor having work in the City for almost eight years. Recently, I have come across financial difficulties during the process of my mortgage application. Ramesh has helped me to achieve what I want in the end. It has been a tough time for me and I really appreciate Ramesh's professionalism and honesty which means a lot to me. Ramesh has spent numerous hours of time to help to liaise with different mortgage providers although finally he could only get a very small amount of his fees/commissions due to the final mortgage package which my wife and I am eligible for. I would recommend him to anyone I know without any hesitation.

Chengrong, Surrey, associate/China business manager


Residential Mortgage – Re-mortgage

Ramesh came through as a recommendation from a family member who had already had success in getting a mortgage deal brokered through him. He managed to broker a mortgage deal for me and my wife to get our first step on the property ladder around 8 years ago. We also used his services more recently to broker a mortgage deal for us in 2014. Ramesh is willing to go the extra mile. He's dependable and quick to respond. He goes through the various options that are available on the market thoroughly. Ramesh provides a 5 star service. It would've been useful to have met up with him in person to discuss all possible deals on the market but at the time it was difficult due to both my wife's work commitments and my own.

Sam, London


Buy-to-Let and Residential Mortgage

Ramesh has offered us excellent advice. Initially we were looking to sell our flat to help finance the purchase of a house. However, he advised us that this was not a financial necessity and that we could safely borrow against the flat, which we would then rent. So far this has proved excellent advice and will provide us with an ongoing income stream. He has seen us through to the purchase of our new home, which we are thoroughly enjoying, and is still diligent in tying up some complicated loose ends around life insurance/critical illness cover. Ramesh's advice was usually clear to two people without a lot of detailed knowledge in the world of mortgages and he was patient in re-explaining some things that we weren't clear about. I can't really fault Ramesh on the quality of his advice or his availability to talk to us at times that were probably more convenient to us than him.

Jonathan, London

Further Testimonials

Ramesh is very thorough in gathering the relevant information and advising on matters that really fit our current and future lifestyle. Ramesh has a style that is professional and puts you at ease.

Gary, London, Business owner


Ramesh was introduced to us about six years ago by a friend. He earned our trust by listening to our needs and concerns and providing us with sound advice. Ramesh carefully developed a portfolio to meet our very specific situation and has monitored it diligently, keeping us well informed. He is adept at explaining complex financial products in a straight forward way, without the usual confusing financial jargon. We feel he always gives the best advice for us, in our best interest. We have complete faith in his advice and recommend him highly as a financial advisor.

Oliver & Sarah Cassidy


Ramesh was extremely astute and made my limited resources go further. He was always accurate, well informed and prompt in all his dealings with me.

Martin, Dorset, CEO


Ramesh Thakrar has been our financial advisor for over ten years. We have the utmost respect for Ramesh's advice, and have found him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable with all of our financial requirements. Ramesh is also very efficient, thorough and more than competent with his advice and always goes above and beyond his duties when dealing with any of our financial affairs over the years. If you get a chance, we would highly recommend you take the time out, to sit down with Ramesh (you won't regret it).

Mr A Vadodaria and Mrs M Adodra, London


For over a decade Ramesh has been providing me with financial advice which has always been clearly explained - highlighting both the potential benefits and the underlying risks. The range of products he has advised on has expanded as my requirements have changed giving me both a sound financial investment strategy and peace of mind in case the worse happens.

Mr A.M. B.Sc (Econ) ACA, London


We were looking for a mortgage and wanted to get the best rates possible. He was excellent. He firstly met us in our home and discussed options. He spoke very knowledgably and with clarity and made the process simple for us both. We have completed on our Mortgage but more than that through Ramesh we also received advice on equity release, critical illness and life cover. So our outcome was more than we could hope for and we were delighted with the service. I really appreciated the phone calls that gave us up to date information and advice. I felt Ramesh had our best interest at heart and that is something that you want

Christine, London


Ramesh gave me advice on how best to get a small mortgage. He really goes the extra mile. He gave me all sorts of routes to consider and calmly and reassuringly walked me through every step. I am not very confident when dealing with money matters but his patient and open manner really helped me understand the many options Ramesh had researched on my behalf. I have every confidence that Ramesh will continue to help me get the very best deal to suit me throughout the life of the mortgage.

Gillian, Buckinghamshire


Ramesh has been our financial advisor since 2008. He was initially recommended to us by one of our accountant friends. Over the years, He successfully helped us to obtain various mortgage deals even during the economic down turn. We found he is very reliable and always acts in our best interest. We appreciate his work very much and will definite recommend his services to anyone with no hesitation. 

Vanessa, London, immigration advisor


I was looking for a new residential mortgage. Straight-talking and diligent in his work, I have found Ramesh to be a knowledgeable and frank adviser. He has been a tremendous help in providing me with a range of financial options. Ramesh invests a great deal of time and effort in sourcing up-to-date information and provides clear, open advice. I am fortunate that Ramesh's services were recommended to me by a colleague. His expertise is greatly valued, and on top of that, he carries out his work with empathy and understanding; making important and potentially stressful decisions that much easier for me. I now have a mortgage offered and I am very happy with the rate and terms.

Richard, London


Great at setting out most attractive options and comparing them

G, London, Managing Director


We found Ramesh on VouchedFor and had an initial meeting at our home to discuss our requirements and of course, (from our perspective) to check out whether this was someone we wanted to do business with. He shaped up in terms of knowledge and demeanour and we enlisted his services in order to select a new mortgage. The best part of the process has been dealing with someone who has been totally responsive to our needs so status calls have taken place at 9.30pm, when need be, with update emails at 1am on my part with responses at 5am etc. I don't know what this says for Ramesh's work/life balance but it has made the difference to our lives, which don't conform to the 9-5 schedule. We plan on using his services again with regards to setting up investments, but one project at a time for now…

Dawn, Middlesex


Ramesh provided outstanding service. He was happy to come to our flat in person or discuss our finances over the phone at any time convenient to us, weekends and evenings included! He thoroughly explained the different options available, and gave very helpful advice without ever pushing us to make a decision before we were ready. He guided us through the entire process of taking out a mortgage and life assurance, explaining at each step what needed to be done next. Even after we had submitted the mortgage application, he continued to be on hand to give extremely helpful advice during the somewhat convoluted purchase process, which ultimately saved us a substantial amount of money. He leaves you with the impression he won't be satisfied with himself until he's got absolutely the best deal for you, even when it's of no benefit to him. We couldn't possibly have asked for a more dedicated or harder-working financial adviser. We were so impressed that Ramesh is continuing to act as our financial adviser on other matters.

Susanna, London


Ramesh, spent a great deal of time explaining what a mortgage was and how it works? After this, he sourced and found some great mortgage deals and even spoke to the companies as I just started my new job, i.e. few weeks. Usually companies need 6 months pay slips but Ramesh managed to get me a mortgage in just two weeks. He went out of his way to help me.

Bijal, London, Pharmacist


Mortgage application; re-mortgage; bridge loan; general financial advice. Ramesh has been our financial adviser for over 7 years now, and has always stayed in touch. He was first introduced to me by colleagues of one of my best friends. He has helped us with all our mortgages applications in the past a few years. The case I would like to specifically mention first is his help in 2013. I got some financial difficulties during the process of my mortgage application. He had spent more than 20 hours in total to find a solution for me to bridge the existing mortgage by then and only received a minimum payback without any complaints. This time, we wanted to release equity from our property. He voluntarily helped us to lodge complaints with the mortgage bank due to inappropriate valuation process and finally settled with the bank successfully. Being a China born English qualified banking lawyer in the City for many years, I must say I am very impressed by his professionalism but not only this, More importantly is the trust which has been built and developed between us which we think is invaluable. All our mortgage applications were approved.

Paul, London


The best advice I have ever had for mortgages and other financial planning, Having had the advice, it has made my finances a lot better, he cares about his customers compared to other consultants I have had; who were only interested into selling me a policy. SUPER guy definitely use him again, and would strongly recommend him.

Manish, Leicestershire, area sales manager


Having been introduced by a friend to Mr Thakrar whilst re-mortgaging a few years back I was pleasantly surprised by his work ethic and willingness to assist. He was more than happy to travel to meet me at times that suited me and my needs. He is very friendly, and has offered great advice that has helped me financially. His financial knowledge is second to none.

Akan, London, Police Officer


We live in a flat and were looking to move house and let the flat out. We wanted to re-mortgage the flat to release some funds to buy our second property. I thought it's a quite complicated case and don't even know where to start. When we found Ramesh on the VouchedFor website and he quickly arranged a free of charge meeting with us to discuss our situation. In that meeting Ramesh explained everything clearly to us and pointed out the best options. We decided to hire him and it was a right decision to make. His communication is so efficient and he works so hard and never minded going extra mile for us. After his great effort we finally obtained the Let to Buy mortgage and then the Residential mortgage. He has sorted out two mortgages for us. One is Let-to-Buy and the other is residential. We have got two mortgages we applied for, and we are very satisfied with the rates and terms. We have now got the keys to our new house and we could never achieve this without Ramesh's work. I won't hesitate to recommend him to others.

Ray, London


Advice on buy-to-let and residential mortgage. Having contacted Ramesh via VouchedFor was one of the best decisions we have made. During our first meeting we were very impressed after he has introduced himself. And the quality of his service in the last year has exceeded the first impression! He has absolutely worked his best to try and find us the best deals for our buy-to-let and residential mortgages. He has made sure we fully understood our options by discussing all the potential benefits and risks with us. On top of his professional knowledge and experience, Ramesh has also been resourceful, passionate, thorough and patient. Not only did him find us the most suitable mortgage deals, he also went out his way to help us on various aspects of our property purchase. He has always had our best interest at heart and has demonstrated great patience and dedication when dealing with our cases. In fact we hardly had any worries at all with the help of Ramesh. He is a true professional but also someone we like very much personally. Without a shadow of a doubt we will keep seeking his advices on other financial matters in the future. He is definitely going to stay in our contact list permanently. We cannot recommend Ramesh enough. Yes. Very satisfactory results achieved with Ramesh's help.

Stella, London  


I found Ramesh Thakrar via VouchedFor when seeking advice for a buy-to-let mortgage and a residential remortgage. I have found him very approachable, and was able to converse with him in plain English without the jargon that is endemic within the financial services industry. Ramesh was able to clearly articulate the different options available, the pro's and con's, and was able to understand my own requirements; thus providing and delivering specific advice whilst taking my personal circumstances into consideration. Having met Ramesh in person I have found him to be friendly and amicable chap, what I think makes Ramesh stand out from the crowd is his in-depth knowledge and experience coupled with his straight talking no nonsense approach. I ended up taking two mortgage products, and he helped me throughout the processes, as well as sort out any minor problems along the way (none of which were his fault). Ramesh conversed with all parties involved i.e. solicitors and estate agents; allowing me to focus on my day job; to ensure the process ran smoothly. I plan to recommend Ramesh to anyone who seeks IFA/mortgage consultant and will continue to use his services for all future financial concerns - even when he is not best positioned to advice; Ramesh is able to point me in the right direction.

Bimal, London, Senior Project Manager


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